Lake Norman Engagement Photos | Mandi & Ryan

They were laying on their quilt in the grass when she began to tear – at first I didn’t know why it was happening but found out that as his back was to me, he was mouthing to her “I love you…”

I felt like I should stop shooting, but instead, I said to them, I’m going to stop talking for a minute but I need to keep shooting….they didn’t mind.

Mandi & Ryan have a love that is so real it is almost tangible. Enjoy some photos from this beautiful engagement session….


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makeup: Erin Ashley Makeup




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  • Mandi Heilig

    on 11/08/2013  11:14 am

    Oh my gosh woman! I have looked at these over 10 times now and cry each time!!! You somehow captured the exact emotions that we were feeling!!! I am so very thankful for this special gift!