Devin & Jessie {Charlotte, NC Wedding Photographer}

They have been married 3 years but this one thing happened – they couldn’t use the photographer they wanted on the day they were married.
she was busy.
she is me.
I had to attend a wedding that day. it was theirs – I celebrated with them!
this is my little brother & his wife. they are so beautiful & so in love and wanted to have some bride/groom portraits taken. Weddings take so long to plan and the day comes & you blink, then they’re over. time got away & they didn’t get the special pictures they wanted on that day.
So. 3 years later, we decided it was time.

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  • Jessica

    on 10/24/2012  8:53 pm

    Your pictures are breath-taking! The night shots, to die for!! Your family is beautiful, but the love between you all is captivating! Awesome job Crystal!

    • Crystal

      on 10/24/2012  10:15 pm

      thanks so much jessica - you're so sweet...

  • Stephanie

    on 10/24/2012  10:11 pm


    I know Devin and Jessie (they are my neighbors in Raleigh) and we were chatting about you during the summer. I am an Event Planner and Designer in the Raleigh area and travel. Your images are stunning (as are the couple of course). Your lighting and artist shots are beautiful. Would love to be able to work together in the future. Congrats on these amazing images!!


    • Crystal

      on 11/02/2012  7:56 pm

      Stephanie, I would love that! I'll be in touch! :)