Savannah {Charlotte, NC Family Photographer}

when i first met her, she was so shy – only her mom made everything okay. the tender moments that happened while she made her mind up about me, were some of the sweetest between them.

but, after trying everything, it was hide-and-go-seek that allowed me to earn her trust.

and then we were friends. suddenly, she wasn’t so shy…

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  • Amanda

    on 10/12/2012  7:49 pm

    OMG!!! Crystal!!! I'm so utterly speechless!!!! I read what you wrote then went through the pics and watched as she came out of her shell with the session, and I was in tears! I can't thank you enough for this!!! I will always treasure this! I wish I had photos like this when I was a little girl with my mom! SOOO unbelievably talented! LOVE them!!! LOVE you!!! =)

  • Misty

    on 10/12/2012  11:11 pm

    I love these two immensely and Crystal you captured them and their spirits beautifully! Absolutely stunning images.