Maddex is 1 {Charlotte, NC Children’s Photographer}

Where does the time go? Overnight these sweet little ones go from being brand new to walking and talking. I took newborn pics of this cutie, blinked, and then he turned one. I loved that his parents asked me to also document this special time in his life – here are some from our session.



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  • The Mobleys

    on 08/07/2012  6:19 pm

    Thank you so much for these awesome pictures of our little boo. You are amazing at what you do!!

    • admin

      on 08/08/2012  6:32 pm

      thank you so much! He is sooooooooo cute.

  • Ellen

    on 08/08/2012  11:06 am

    You should post his baby pics with his recent session :)

    • admin

      on 08/08/2012  7:17 pm

      here is a link to his newborn pics....